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2023 UAPA Annual General Meeting.

Friday, July 21, 2023

Like we had communicated earlier, on the notice of this Annual General Meeting, the Annual General Meeting was held on the 21st of July 2023 at Kolping Hotel in Kampala. 


The meeting was brought to order at 10AM and a number of presenters came forth with information to share including the auditors who shared the Auditors Report for the year closed, our General Secretary regarding the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting, the Coordinator at the Secretariat on issues pertaining the smooth running of the institution, our Chairperson's Report among others. 


We will share with you further updates that emerged from this meeting, here, as they come in. 


 Please note:  UAPA mission is to provide a platform for individuals and civil society organizations to influence policy and processes on regulation of alcohol production, distribution and consumption to prevent alcohol related harm among the Ugandan population.


Membership is open to any organization including non-governmental organizations, civil society or, the private sector and individuals wishing to promote the objectives of the UAPA. Therefore, UAPA does not accept members who are receiving funding from the Alcohol Industry or who have any attachments to the Alcohol Industry. Remember all members shall be vetted by the Executive Committee to ensure non-infiltration from the industry.



Membership fees for new members= 100,000 Uganda shillings. 

Annual subscription fees for old members = 60,000 Uganda shillings. 


Individual members:

Membership fees for new members = 60,000 Uganda shillings. 

Annual subscription fees for old members = 20,000 Uganda shillings.

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