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In order to influence the policy environment, UAPA has continued her working relationship with MoH and offered technical, material and moral support for leadership towards formulating the National alcohol policy and bill. Monthly meetings and weekly office visits/telephone contacts are made continuously. UAPA actively participated in related a campaign that was organized by MoH and UAPA initiated contacts with Ministry of Trade on realising that they were so much into a pro-health alcohol policy in Uganda.

Capacity Building

Also to enhance competency and credibility in provision of alcohol prevention services, 19 UAPA members were equipped with Addiction treatment skills during the training on Universal Treatment Curriculum for Addiction Professionals and 10 were successfully accredited as International Addiction Professionals. Secondly, UAPA board members were facilitated to attended several activities for capacity building, advocacy and networking. These included their participation in the East African Psychologist Conference (Kisubi), IOGT regional Office Annual Partner’s Meeting (Arusha), International Network of Brief Interventions against Alcohol Conference (Lubeck) the Kentil Brunne Society epiemiological conference (Utretch), Universal Prevention Curriculum for Addiction Professionals (Kampala) and Second WHO Forum on Alcohol, Drugs and Addictive Behaviours in (Geneva).


UAPA was vital in forming a group of advocates (82 participants) not necessarily members of UAPA but with like minds. This has helped the voice to go further, aided UAPA to follow up on implementation of the sachet ban in the different places. With these members, UAPA drafted a petition for MoTIC to include a civil society representative on the monitoring task committee of the alcohol sachet ban. Another outcome of this initiative was the awareness of the International Day against illicit drug use and trafficking. In the face of delayed funding, our members offered various opportunities to celebrate this day.