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Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill 2023 Advocacy Update Meeting.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024
Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill 2023.

Right where we stopped in 2023 on our advocacy of the Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill, we got right into 2024 today on the same journey of passing the #ADCBUganda2023 into law.


We brought together our members today (individuals and organisations), to update them on the latest developments in as far as the Bill is concerned and also encourage them to keep playing their part of reaching out to as many people in their circles as possible, to be able to achieve our goal.


Just like the last time we met as like-minded individuals, we took the opinions and views of our members and well-wishers, on the Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill 2023. Enjoy them and hopefully, you are inspired to join us on this cause. 





Part 2 of that conversation with Chairman Ssembatya Kasule of Kamwokya, Street 5:




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