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Capacity Building Workshop on Alcohol Regulation Advocacy with Maik Duennbier.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

As part of our capacity building in advocating for alcohol regulation, we congregated at Kolping Hotel in Kampala with Maik Duennbier and Dr. David Kalema, the consultant at the World Health Organisation on the SAFER Program in Uganda.

Maik is the Director of Strategy and Advocacy at Movendi International


As part of this workshop, we reminded of ourselves from one another, on what alcohol harm is. 

We also drew more attention on what alcohol policy is, what the alcohol industry at broader and national levels as well as the language to be best used, when putting our foot forward as far alcohol regulation is concerned. 


Dr. David Kalema also shared with us in details, on what the SAFER Program in Uganda is.

This included the background of the program, it's current status in Uganda, what is laid out to be implemented in the future and how the future looks like for Uganda, as a whole. 


We were represented by over 23 institution members and a number of individual members as well as a team from the Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Mental Health. 


We look forward to doing better with this knowledge we acquired. 

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