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UAPA Secretariat field trip on the Non-Communicable Diseases Prevention Project.

Friday, May 24, 2024

As you have following the updates on our social media platforms and here on the Non-Communicable Diseases Prevention Project, our Secretariat members took the tarmac and murram to the field in Namere Zone in Kawempe. 


Among the activities for the day was a friendly netball match between the ladies from Corner Zone against those from Namere Zone, which we witnessed and met in person with the coaches and players themselves.


Before the match, we had a number of side-chats with the young ones on a number of issues including the dangers of consuming alcohol and even being near it, how they find the relevancy of this project in their lives and most of all, how much they've learned from this project ever since it was introduced to them. 


Thereafter, we joined the fitness drills including jogging, stretches as well as scoring the hoops. 

Event Pictures