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World Alcohol-Free Day 2023.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023
With an alcohol-free lifestyle, expect more benefits.

What a day we had at Parliament of Uganda, for the 2023 World Alcohol-Free Day!

Allow us gist you here, in a few words and photos!

For the World Alcohol-Free Day 2023, we took the day to the premises of the August House, with a press conference to engage with our citizens on various media platforms including but not limited to television, radio, social media, blogs etc.

While there, we introduced ourselves to the press as an Alliance working to address alcohol-related harm in Uganda and gave context to why we had congregated, for the day.

The Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Mental Health, our hosts, led by their Chairperson Hon. Macho Godfrey said, "We urge for collective responsibility in addressing alcohol abuse's pressing issues. Let's unite for informed choices, effective treatment, and healthier communities”.

The Director General at the Ministry of Health- Uganda, Dr. Henry Mwebesa also shared critical points including, " Alcohol abuse has devastating consequences, impacting public health, socio-economic development, and productivity. Let's raise awareness and choose a healthier path."

Hon. Sarah Opendi, in the question-and-answer session responded, "I haven’t been defeated by the drunkards and I want to inform the drunkards, please drink responsibly, it is for your own good, and the good of the community. People drink the whole night up to morning, today morning as I was going for my usual exercise, at 6:30AM along Acacia Avenue, so many boda-bodas were waiting to transport drunkards back home, honestly, at what time are you going to work?"

You must have heard of the name Martial Magirigi, right? If you haven't yet, please see us and let's work out something. He shared his life story with us, of suffering with alcoholism during his youthful years till the point he quit 35 years ago.

To top it all off, we paid a visit to the Deputy Speaker, Right Honourable Thomas Tayebwa, making our cause known to him in person.


Event Pictures