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2023 Africa Region Webinar 1

Wednesday, July 5, 2023
The Economic, Social and Environmental Dimensions.

Alcohol Policy Event Series:

As we had communicated earlier about the 2023 Alcohol Policy Event Series, the first edition was held on the 5th of July 2023. 


We had presentations from 6 distinguished speakers and experts in the field of alcohol policy. 


They were: 

  1. Mrs Mphonyane Mofokeng, Founder and Director, Anti Drug Abuse Association of Lesotho presented on "Alcohol-related harm and public health Non-Communicable Diseases".

  2. Dr Yaw Amankwan Arthur, Deputy Director, Health Promotion Ghana presented on "Alcohol-related Harm and Mental Health". 

  3. Mr. Kasirye Rogers, Executive Director Uganda Youth Development Link, presented on "Economic costs of alcohol abuse". 

  4. Dr Kalema David, Executive Director  Hope & Beyond Uganda presented on "Alcohol use disorders & Treatment". 

  5. Mr. Elwa Albert Louis, Executive Director Focus on Recovery Uganda presented on "Environmental impact of alcohol production". 

  6. Ms Gladness Munuo, Digital Media Assistant, TAMWA, Coordinator, Crisis Resolving Centre Tanzania presented on "Alcohol Packaging and waste disposal policies". 


We look forward to the next webinar, that will be held on the 12th of July 2023. 


A recording of the webinar is available here

Event Pictures


Alcohol Packaging and Waste Disposal Policies by Gladness Hemedi Munuo.
Alcohol-related Harm and mental health - Dr. Yaw Amankwa Arthur.
Alcohol Use Disorders and Treatment - Dr. David Kalema