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Members of Parliament Workshop On Alcohol Legislation in Uganda.

Friday, April 26, 2024
Alcohol Legislation in Uganda.

The Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill 2023.

Earlier today, we were at the Parliament of Uganda to meet with a larger congregation of it's Members on the issue of the Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill 2023.


We received two presentations from Dr. Kalema David (the lead consultant on the WHO-Government of Uganda SAFER Initiative in Uganda) & Dr. Hafisa Ssentongo (Acting Commissioner on Mental Health at the Ministry of Health), with a keen emphasis on why the Members' support on the proposed Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill is paramount to better health of our people in Uganda.


Additionally, in that same engagement with the Members of Parliament, we made our case of welcoming that 20% increase in tax on alcohol and tobacco products, that was recently suggested in the August House!


Event Pictures


SAFER - Initiative Members of Parliament presentation - Dr. Kalema David - 26th.4.2024