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Organisation Structure


The 2019 – 2020 Executive Committee members are:

Dr. Kalema David

Hope and Beyond

Ms. Namukasa Juliet

International Aid Services – Uganda

Mr. Mutaawe Rogers

Uganda Youth Development Link

Ms. Kikome Ruth

Recovery Solutions

Mr. Otal Bernard

Kawempe Youth Development Association

Mr. Isabirye Jackson

Ring of Hope

Mr. Makumbi Gerald

Uganda National Association of Community and Occupational Health

Mr. David Kalema

Executive Director

David Kalema, PhD., is an Internationally Certified Addiction Professional (ICAP 2) and the Executive Director of HaB) with a 14 years’ experience in treatment of Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders. At HaB, he is involved in program administration and mentoring of colleagues in treatment of Substance Use Disorders. In 2018, David completed his doctoral research on Culturally Adapted Effective Treatment for Alcohol Service Users in Uganda under the supervision of Ghent University (Belgium) and Makerere University (Uganda). He has authored ground breaking publications on alcohol misuse and addiction treatment in Uganda and has shared his experiences in drug addiction treatment and research in numerous local, regional and global alcohol and drug addictions conferences.

Mr. Rogers Mutaawe

General Secretary

Mr. Rogers Mutaawe is a social worker, working as a Senior Program Manager with Uganda Youth Development Link. He is a U.S Fulbright Humphrey Fellow, 2015-16. He is the General Secretary of Uganda Alcohol Policy Alliance. Mutaawe has implemented substance abuse prevention community grassroot projects through engagement with local leaders, provided counselling and rehabilitation services to young substance users, and conducted substance abuse awareness sessions with students for the past thirteen years. Mr. Mutaawe has also participated in advocacy efforts aimed at influencing the development of Uganda’s national alcohol policy through engagement with policy makers, the media and partner organizations. He has been involved in the planning and execution of ground breaking alcohol research projects in collaboration with Georgia State University, and he co-authored three reports about the state of alcohol and drug abuse in Uganda and published journal articles. Mutaawe has a passion for lobbying, advocacy, research and evaluation of alcohol use prevention programs.

Ms. Namukasa Juliet


Since 2009 I have served as Country Director for International Aid Services (IAS) Uganda, a relief and development organization which exposed me to the untold story of alcohol related harm. I have served on the board of UAPA as Board Member and now as Vice Chairperson. I have over twenty years in youth leadership in my local church enabling to understanding how to walk with the youth in their lives journey, She has done a number of short courses to sharpen her leadership skills and enhance her relevance in the community. These include: Certificate in transformational leadership by the Institute of National Transformation, Universal Prevention Curriculum for Substance Use Disorders by the Colombo- Certificate, Improving Mental Health and suicide prevention among young adults, Global Mental Health and advocating for social justice and change and Global Public health.