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2023 Africa Region Webinar 3.

Wednesday, July 19, 2023
The Economic, Social and Environmental Dimensions of alcohol harm in the context of sustainable development.

If you missed out on the second webinar of these series, you can catch up to it here. 


Otherwise, we held the third webinar of the Alcohol Policy Event Series for the Africa region. 


Our guest speakers today came in from Uganda, Kenya, Gambia and Zambia. 

  1. Our first guest speaker of the day was Ms. Nyamburah Kigera, the Senior Compliance Officer at NACADA Kenya shared more about "Implementing equity and social justice in the transition from illicit alcohol to regulation". 
  2. We also listened in to ASP Dr. Kabanda Enoch, the Mental Health Focal person at the Uganda Police Force sharing with us on "Illicit Trade in High-Risk Sectors; Implications of Illicit Alcohol for Public Health and Criminal Networks".      
  3. Mr. Kwizera Chris, the Coordinator of the Uganda NCD Alliance shared with us on "Estimating the Burden of  Alcohol related Cancer  and Treatment Cost".
  4. "Religiousness and hazardous alcohol use; implications on alcohol policy formulation" was shared with us by Reverend Nathan Mugalu Balirwana. 
  5. We also listened in to Dr. Kenneth Kalani, a Psychiatrist and Senior Medical Officer at Ministry of Health share about "The Intersectoral and Multi-sectoral health approaches for addressing the complex challenges associated with alcohol consumption". 


In case you would like to listen in to the proceedings of the webinar, you can access them here


We look forward to seeing you at the next and final webinar of these series, on the 26th of July 2023. 

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Implementing equity and social justice in the transition from illicit alcohol to regulation. - Ms. Nyamburah Kigera